the Original networking and learning event geared specifically toward professionals in the holiday lighting industry

Join hundreds of Lighting Professionals

including Industry Leaders and Top Sales Producers, as well as Lighting Distributors and Business Service Vendors from across the United States
WHAT’S NEW IN 2024?! Join us at CLIPA Con where you’ll find a comprehensive lineup of CLIPA Preferred Vendors as well as exciting new additions. Our main objective is to equip you with all the necessary resources to kickstart and expand your Christmas Light Business. Explore a wide range of services including marketing, branding, recruitment, bookkeeping, tax strategies, CRMs, aerial safety, Lift certification, entrepreneurial coaching, and much more. Expand your knowledge on permanent lighting solutions, diversify your service offerings with landscape or event lighting, master the art of securing commercial contracts, and unlock countless other valuable insights.
Courses will include some old favorites, as well as NEW curriculum for returning installers. Rub elbows with the best (and MOST FUN) folks in the industry at Thursday cocktail hour and our Notorious CLIPA Social on Friday night. Courses are geared toward experienced installers, but all are welcome to attend.

CLIPA Social Event


Networking at CLIPA Con is an invaluable opportunity to connect with industry professionals, vendors, and experts in the lighting Industry. The importance of networking at this event cannot be overstated. It allows participants to expand their professional network, forge meaningful relationships, and exchange ideas with like-minded individuals who share a passion for the industry.


The CLIPA Social provides a welcoming environment where individuals can gather, mingle, and engage in meaningful conversations while treating their taste buds to delightful culinary experiences. The inclusion of free food and drinks enhances the overall CLIPA Con experience, offering a perfect blend of knowledge, connections, and gastronomic pleasures.


There’s nothing better than unwinding after a long day of learning and growth. This is the perfect opportunity to build relationships, share ideas, and enjoy the company of like-minded professionals. Whether you’re looking to meet new people, catch up with old friends, or just unwind after a long day of learning, this event is not to be missed.


Multi Seasonal Lighting

CLIPA is proud to present our new and exciting offering, multi-seasonal lighting. We have partnered with some of the best product manufacturers in the US to bring you a variety of products that are built to withstand year-round wear and tear.  Bring joy to your clients throughout the year with multi-seasonal lighting.

Lift Certification

CLIPA is proud to offer Aerial Boom and Scissor Lift Certification.  If you are ready to take your company to the next level, this is one class you don’t want to miss. This class will be held half day in a classroom and half of a day in the field operating Lifts.

Residential Christmas Light Training

Unleash your potential with our expert training programs. Our sessions offer hands-on experience, theory, and practical application, designed to equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed in the lighting industry.

Happy CLIPA Members

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Heather HainlineHeather Hainline
21:41 25 Sep 23
David VelazquezDavid Velazquez
20:46 22 Sep 23
Training was great!
Samson WalkerSamson Walker
19:54 22 Sep 23
Matt and his team were very informative about everything you need to know about this industry. They answer any and all questions you have and provide tons of resources. I feel confident jumping into Christmas lights this year because of this training. I highly recommend getting certified through this course. Worth every penny.
Matthew LaGroneMatthew LaGrone
23:25 14 Sep 23
Christi was great help through my first season and I’d imagine she will be here for me on my second! This just being my second year I can say CLIPA is a big help in starting out your holiday lighting business.
Dusty ViandsDusty Viands
17:00 11 Sep 23
I had a wonderful time at the CLIPA training. All the information was very easy to digest. Advice was clear and all the recommended practices seemed very helpful and to the point. Matt and Ramone were entertaining, very pleasant and enthusiastic to help address everyone’s questions. Thanks again for everything the whole experience was fun time!
Michael CrewsMichael Crews
18:38 09 Sep 23
AMAZING group of Christmas light installation teachers! Highly recommend!
Robert VeraRobert Vera
18:37 09 Sep 23
Great class, very informational. Appreciate the class.
Kyle DavisKyle Davis
18:37 09 Sep 23
Very informative class.
Riley EppleyRiley Eppley
18:37 09 Sep 23
Zach DavisZach Davis
18:37 09 Sep 23
Great info
Eddie BuenrostroEddie Buenrostro
18:17 30 Aug 23
Great place to get lights and training and the best and professional
Jonas LebeauJonas Lebeau
21:55 22 Aug 23
Good experience very valuable information definitely would recommend training. Matt, Ryan, Ramona (63”), Brett and JC super wise men when it comes to any business guru. Chelsea was one of the best talkers out of them all she had well structured sentences and talks with a great flow and very knowledgeable on sales and relationships!
21:46 22 Aug 23
Eric SummervilleEric Summerville
21:43 22 Aug 23
Great people. Great training! If you are thinking holiday lights, think CLIPA!
Subaru WalkerSubaru Walker
21:43 22 Aug 23
Amazing learning experience. The one and only’s! This team truly cares!
Tyler CaulderTyler Caulder
21:42 22 Aug 23
Good people, great information
Brandon BeaversBrandon Beavers
19:13 18 Aug 23
Because of CLIPA, I can do this.
Jonathon MothersoleJonathon Mothersole
19:15 11 Aug 23
CLIPA is awesome! I learned everything there is to know about the holiday lighting industry.
10:55 10 Aug 23
We flew in from Canada, and stayed in the area for 3 nights. The team was super friendly and had great answers to any of our questions and there were a lot! We were very suprised on the amount of information that was delivered over the two class days. Great class, looking forward to my first year of lights in 2023.
Yule Love LightsYule Love Lights
20:15 05 Aug 23
The CLIPA team was amazing, from my personal representative Courtney to everyone I met on training was exceptional. They’re very informative of the industry and were open to any questions that we had. They make us feel secured & give us confidence as they have the experience doing lights. All Love to Brett, Ramone & Chelsea
Sean Fitz-PatrickSean Fitz-Patrick
20:10 05 Aug 23
I knew nothing about Christmas light decoration on Friday morning and now, Saturday afternoon, I learned everything I needed to know about this business. Grateful for the trainers bringing their expertise and knowledge to the training. Would highly recommend to get CLIPA certified before you start installing christmas lights!
mario jimenezmario jimenez
20:08 05 Aug 23
Lots of information and great support
Tiffany Carbeno31Tiffany Carbeno31
20:07 05 Aug 23
Super excited to see how my business grows with this knowledge!
Luke AmesLuke Ames
20:07 05 Aug 23
16:45 31 Jul 23
CLIPA is the absolute best in the industry for training and supply. I recently attended the residential course in Orlando and left with so much knowledge that I will certainly succeed in the Holiday Lighting industry. Ryan, Brett and Chirsti are extremely passionate about holiday lighting and I am glad to partner with a company that has my back. Thanks CLIPA
Light Up JaxLight Up Jax
15:07 25 Jul 23
We highly recommend CLIPA's Certification Training. It went well beyond my expectations and was extremely informative. Even though we have had a few years of professional Christmas light installation experience we still learned a great deal, as well as confirming a lot of current practices. It was well run, efficient and never boring. I wish I would have done this before our first season as we would have been able to mitigate a lot of mistakes. I would recommend their courses to anyone in the industry whether you are brand new or a seasoned installer.
Jason WardJason Ward
21:29 26 Jun 23
From the start Courtney has been a very professional and helpful resource for our new business "Creative Illuminations LLC" here in Northwest Georgia! And when we met Matt, Chelsea, Ryan and Brett at our 2 day Residential training we were educated and inspired by their knowledge and success!
Bill CooperBill Cooper
01:05 09 Jun 23
CLIPA Residential and Commercial Holiday Lighting Training is fantastic!Amazing content and presentations. By far the best business training program that I have ever experienced. Thank you Matt, Chelsea, Alice and team!
Nicholas PilieciNicholas Pilieci
20:52 01 Mar 23
CLIPA has been great for starting my Christmas Light business! I took their training in August of 2021 and have now had 2 successful seasons. Courtney is quick to answer the phone and help me! Whether it’s ordering new supplies or working through an issue in the field, they are there to help!
CLIPA LLC is so great to work with! They're incredibly reliable and knowledgeable, and are always happy to help. As industry leaders, the CLIPA team are true professionals, and we can always count on them to provide quality service of the highest standard.
jaron dukejaron duke
23:16 14 Feb 23
My company went from 20k in business to 78k after a single training with CLIPA. The training showed us how to jump to the next level, but having the connections and support from the CLIPA team was CRITICAL to our success, specifically Courtney Robinson. She saved our season at least 3 times with her support and advice.Any business owner knows you need to put into your business to get something better back out. The CLIPA training should be on that list.
David EnnisDavid Ennis
23:50 10 Feb 23
The professionals at CLIPA are knowledgable, detailed, and they really care about their customers. They have spent countless hours helping my team gear up for Christmas light installation, not only with logistics and knowledge, but also with marketing, sales, and operations. I highly recommend investing with CLIPA - it'll take all the guess out of work, and it'll spring-board you to new heights!
Ben BrandtBen Brandt
16:10 31 Jan 23
As a first year installer, CLIPA, and especially Courtney, were excellent to work with. They supported our new venture however and whenever we needed it. Inventory order, training, resources, advice, etc. Very helpful!
Brandon BeaversBrandon Beavers
23:18 30 Jan 23
The CLIPA team is as knowledgeable as they come. If I have an involved question, the owner will call me directly. Courtney is my point of contact and she rocks it out.Also, their Christmas light training is phenomenal. A great price for what you receive.

CLIPA Con Highlights