Unveiling Our Stellar Speaker Lineup

Explore the diverse and expert lineup headlining our event.

An Inside Look at Tinsel CRM

Tinsel CRM

How to Make More Money & More Impact…

Mr. Pipeline

Expanding Your Holiday Lighting Venture…

Russel Williams Home Services / Tuff Clips

Create Like Magic: Using AI to do 10X More…


Prioritizing What’s Truly Important: Energy…

WinRate Consulting

How To Start & Grow a Wildly Profitable Land…

Landscape Lighting Secrets

Radiant Celebrations: Mastering Event Lighting…


Capturing and Managing Award-Winning…

Lighting Pros

Revolutionize Your Reach with Yard Signs

All lit up

Budgeting Like A Boss

Likes Accounting Company

Light Up Your Brand: Free & Easy Ways to…

Builders of Authority

The Sales Toolkit

Building Great Sales Teams

How Starting A Podcast Can Solve All Of Your…

Podcast Launch Lab

Recruiting Blue Print 2024

Hire Lead Chill LLC

Optimizing Your Business to Maximize Capacity


Commercial Holiday Planning – Strategies for…


Structuring Your Business and Tax Planning


Enhancing Efficiencies through Documenta…


Unwrapping Success: How to Transform Your…

Unique Genius VA

How A Virtual Assistant can Help You…

Home Service VA

7 Ways to get client referrals and grow…

Genoa Sales

Commercial Sales Mastery: Forging The Path…

Lights All Year

Building your business to sell

Salcido Home Solutions

The Purgatories of Scaling – Why Scaling a…

Best Damn Bookkeeping


Tidewater Lights

Five Common Roadblocks When Leveling Up…

Decor IQ / Envirolume

Social-Lites 10 tips to level up your social…

Delmarva Christmas Lights

Next Level Marketing: Expand Your Reach to…


Scale With Stability

Hite International

Unwrapping Success: How to Transform Your…

Patriot Illumination

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Our speakers have a singular and essential goal: to educate and inspire the next generation of holiday lighting professionals. As a speaker, your mission will be to impart your expertise, share insights, and provide valuable tools to help attendees excel in the art of Christmas light installation. Whether you’re an expert in design, safety, technology, or business management, your role is to empower your peers with the knowledge and skills they need to brighten up the holiday season for countless families.

Be a part of CLIPA Con and impact the growth and success of professionals in the industry!

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